Brass Buddha Figure – Thinking – 6.5 cm


These wonderful golden brass Buddha statues are handmade by skilled artisans in the very heart of beautiful old Delhi in India. These are 100% genuine brass and make the most lovely Buddha ornaments to have around your home, having a Buddha statue in your home is supposed to create a calming and zen atmosphere and bring the good vibes of the Buddha into your living space. It should encourage peace and help you to relieve stress from your home too. These Buddha figures are heavy for their size and come in the most beautiful gold, red and teal colours.

These Buddhas come in several different designs and all with different energies, all of them should bring a slightly different vibe to your home. They are in different poses and each one has been hand carved with really intricate details included. You can see all of the subtle details of the Buddhas facial expressions and their clothing too. Each Buddha has been carved to have a beautiful ornate headpiece too.

Beautiful authentic designs with carnelian and turquoise details.
Note the different hand positions of the Buddha each with a specific spiritual meaning.
Handcrafted and in very limited supplies due to the few artisans still making this traditional item.

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